Information for protesters

A thread for Manchester protesters. We’ll be available via Twitter & email all weekend: Reach out, if you need us. Go prepared – mask, hand sanitiser, water, food, charged phone. Wear nondescript clothing. The police will use facial recognition tech.

Try to maintain social distancing. Police may try to contain protesters, pushing you together. Try to keep 2m space, if possible. The police may “kettle” (contain) protesters. They can keep you there as long as they deem ‘necessary’. The best thing you can do is stay calm.

Write these numbers on your ARM in case you are arrested, and your phone is off or lost.

Manchester Green & Black Cross 07761911121

Hannah @ Burton Copeland 07768805384

Avoid filming and taking photos. Blur faces if you do. The police can use the footage against you and other activists.

Consider knocking off your phones. The police may use it for surveillance & to extract data.

No matter how ‘friendly’ they are to you, do NOT engage in conversation with the police, even with Protest/Police Liaison Officer (often dressed in light blue). They’re there to gather intelligence on you and others. They are not your friend.

.@GBCmanchester Legal Observers will be present – they are independent and have ‘Legal Observer’ on the front and back.

The police will have ‘Community Observers’ there who look similar. But ARE NOT INDEPENDENT.

If the police stop you and ask questions, ask “Am I free to leave?” If you are, you do not need to give them any information about yourself.

If the police stop you under Stop and Search powers, you are legally obliged to comply. Stay CALM. Ask why they want to search you, what their reasonable suspicion is & under what powers they’re searching you. Ask for a receipt of the search.

If you are arrested, say “No Comment” to all questions, including ‘chats’, until you have free legal advice. Avoid the duty solicitor. See numbers above. Do not accept a caution – it’s an admission of guilt & will appear on a DBS check.

If you witness any incidents of police brutality, take down the collar numbers of the officers. Check on the welfare of the victim. Afterwards, please send us an account of what happened.

Look out for our Bust Cards (Know Your Rights cards) at the protests.

If you receive a fine at the protests, get in touch with us. We can offer you support.

IMPORTANT: If you’re a migrant, please remember that police & Home Office databases are linked – and that rights are far less protected. Take extra care.

Finally, if you’re not attending the protests due to social distancing, don’t feel guilty. There’s lots of ways to engage in anti-racist activism.

Come along to our (virtual) open meeting on 16 June to learn more about how you can get involved in NPMP