Justice for Shukri Abdi

Not long since videos of a Sikh schoolboy being bullied went viral, the inquest of Shukri Abdi drew to an end today. Playground racism is still not taken seriously, despite its tragic consequences. Whether from more recent cases, or those as far back as Ahmed Iqbal Ullah, it is clear that lessons have not been learnt. 

The way Shukri Abdi’s case played out highlights the clear inequality and bias present in the current system. Shukri’s family were denied interpreters at the police station and her mother, Zamzam Ture, has accused the police of institutional racism in their handling of her daughter’s death.

Over the summer, Shukri’s name rang out in cities across the globe. As heightened awareness shone a light on the failings of the criminal justice system, we saw many of those failings reflected in how the police investigated Shukri’s death and treated her family.

We send our love and solidarity to Shukri’s family, all families impacted by violence and racism and to all those pursuing justice. No justice, no peace.