Statement from Family of Brandon Geasley following inquest

At the end of the inquest, on 8 July 2022, Brandon’s family say:

“Brandon was a loving son and brother. We miss him so much.

We believe Brandon was killed as a result of the unnecessary and disproportionate police pursuit. It cannot be right that the police pursue at over 120 mph, for minor allegations, with such a significant risk to life and safety.

GMP showed a complete disregard for the life of Brandon and the public.

We are pleased the evidence in the inquest demonstrated that he did NOT steal the vehicle that he was driving. It also showed that he had ADHD, which would have impaired his decision making.

So many young boys are being killed in this way and enough is enough. We are working with other affected families and we are planning to a launch a major campaign alongside other bereaved families.

The experience of losing Brandon has been devastating. We wish our experience never to be repeated. We wish to create a legacy in the memory of Brandon. We will continue to pursue justice for him and other loved ones and we thank everyone for the enormous support we have received throughout. 

We give our thanks to the Coroner, Adrian Farrow, for his sensitive and detailed investigation.

We also extend our condolences to the family of Mr Faulkner. If they ever felt ready to speak to us, we would always be open to doing so.”