NPMP Statement on Palestine and protest

NPMP is an anti-racist, abolitionist organisation. We organise to build community resistance against police violence, harassment and racism and recognise our work in connection to wider, global struggles for liberation from systemic racism and state violence in all its forms. We mourn the lives of Palestinians and Israelis who have been killed and we condemn the cycle of violence that colonial occupation has produced. We stand against the escalating Islamophobia and Antisemitism that we are seeing in the UK and elsewhere. We stand in solidarity with Palestinians who have endured occupation, imprisonment, displacement and violence for 75 years and support those across the world resisting for a Free Palestine.

At this time many people in the UK, like many across the world, will be involved in protest and face increased risk of police violence, harassment and/or arrest as a result. We know that the police, enabled by the state and Home Secretary Suella Braverman, are increasing their racist targetting of protestors and we want to remind you of your protest rights and the support we can offer.

If you are protesting, go prepared. Wear a mask and nondescript clothing. Consider knocking off your phones. The police may use it for surveillance & to extract data. Be aware that the police will use facial recognition tech. Avoid filming and taking photos. Blur faces if you do. The police can use the footage against you and other activists. Those in Greater Manchester, write these numbers on your arm in case you are arrested, and your phone is off or lost. Manchester Green & Black Cross 07761911121, Robert Lizar Solicitors 07900998999.


If the police stop you and ask questions, ask “Am I free to leave?” If you are, you do not need to give them any information about yourself.

NO COMMENT. If you are arrested, say “No Comment” to all questions, including ‘chats’, until you have free legal advice. 

NO PERSONAL DETAILS. You do not have to give personal details under stop and search powers, so don’t

UNDER WHAT POWER? Ask “under what power?” to challenge the police to act lawfully. 

NO DUTY SOLICITOR. Avoid the duty solicitor. See numbers above instead.

NO CAUTION. Do not accept a caution – it’s an admission of guilt & will appear on a DBS check.

If you witness any incidents of police brutality, take down the collar numbers of the officers. Check on the welfare of the victim. You can use our Incident Reporting Form to ask for support and/or to report an incident.IMPORTANT: If you’re a migrant, please remember that police & Home Office databases are linked – and that rights are far less protected. Take extra care.