Protest rights and information

See our post with advice for protest here

The law in 60 seconds (protest rights)


For legal support related to protests call Manchester Green and Black Cross: 07761911121

Manchester specific bust-card:


Stop and search and police interactions

Know Your Rights Workshop

Counter terror and Prevent

‘Countering racism in counter-terrorism and surveillance discourse’ (A Special Issue edited by Katy Sian) 

‘Born radicals? Prevent, positivism, and ‘race-thinking’’ (by Katy Sian) 

Fight the power: how CAGE resists from within a “suspect community” (by Asim Qureshi, CAGE)

It’s not about security, it’s about racism: counter-terror strategies, civilizing processes and the post-race fiction (by Tina Patel)

The Prevent strategy and the UK ‘war on terror’: embedding infrastructures of surveillance in Muslim communities (by Fahid Qurashi)

Race and surveillance in the settler colony: the case of Israeli rule over Palestine (by Ronit Lentin) 

Dutch tolerance of torture? CIA extraordinary rendition flights in the Netherlands (by Sharishe Eski and Yarin Eski) 

Preventing Prevent Handbook (by NUS)

Preventing Prevent Video (by NUS)

Reforming the Prevent strategy won’t work. It must be abolished (by Ilyas Nagdee)

What is Prevent and How do we oppose it? (Rizwaan Sabir)

What is Prevent and How do we oppose it? (Moazzam Begg)

What is Prevent and How do we oppose it? (Rachel Harger)

Police in Schools 

Britain’s schools need greater support and investment, not more policing (by Roxy Legane and Remi Joseph-Salisbury)

Met taken to court over officers in schools (featuring Roxy Legane)

More police in UK schools would ‘unfairly impact students of colour’ (by Natalie Morris, featuring Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Roxy Legane)

Are Police Officers in School a Force for Good? (by Amanda Henshall) 

Bullies in Blue: The origins and consequences of schools based policing (by ACLU)