Abraham family statement regarding the IOPC’s announcement of an independent investigation into Anugrah Abraham’s death

31 March 2023

It was always the case that the public interest was at the core of why a full independent investigation into our son, Anugrah Abraham’s death was necessary. We, his family, are relieved that the IOPC has decided to reverse its earlier decision not to order such an investigation.

The focus now is on what happened in West Yorkshire Police Force that led to Anugrah’s death. We believe that he was the victim of an embedded culture of racism, bullying and intimidation as has been made clear to us by a number of Anugrah’s colleagues who have corroborated our allegations. All of this must be fully investigated by the IOPC.

Given the very serious nature of these allegations, West Yorkshire Police should immediately consider suspending relevant commanding officers at Halifax Police Station. Failure to do so will mean that other police cadets and the wider public remain in harm’s way.

We reiterate that we will not grieve silently and allow those at West Yorkshire Police who caused Anugrah’s death to walk away without being held accountable. We expect the IOPC to carry out a fearless and thorough investigation and for it to be completed as soon as possible. The family must also be at the heart of their investigation and we will be seeking an urgent meeting with the IOPC investigators to discuss this further. Failure by the IOPC to carry out an effective investigation will result in loss of family and public confidence as to the independence and willingness of the IOPC to act as the statutory police watchdog.