NPMP Statement on allegations of sexual assault by Greater Manchester Police

Northern Police Monitoring Project


Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in their custody.

NPMP stands in solidarity with Zayna Iman. Having viewed the disturbing custody footage provided by GMP some time ago now, we are appalled and deeply concerned that these allegations still haven’t been taken seriously.

Too often women are disbelieved and disregarded, whilst police officers are believed and afforded a level of trust and respect that is not deserved. Indeed, it is only through the persistence of Zayna that this story has garnered attention.

We note the police force’s failure to produce the crucial 3 hours of missing footage to Zayna, which the mayor’s office has confirmed is held by GMP. If the force has nothing to hide, and as Zayna has argued, they should have long since provided this footage. The force must be made accountable.

Gendered and sexual violence are key elements of the history and present of police violence in Britain, and specifically within Greater Manchester Police. Zayna’s important story is therefore part of a much bigger picture of ongoing gendered State and police violence. It should remind us that the police cannot be part of the solution to gendered and sexual violence. Nor should they be responding to welfare calls. Rather, the police are part of the problem.