Statement from the family and loved ones of Devonte Scott following Inquest

At the end of the inquest, on 11th August 2022, Devonte’s family and loved ones say:

“Devonte was a well-mannered, polite young man. He was bright, considerate and had a way about him that as soon as people met him, they’d instantly like him. He was truly beautiful inside and out and we miss him more and more every day. 

Devonte died following a police pursuit on 16th May 2021. 

The inquest confirmed that there was no evidence to show that Devonte was involved in the theft of the vehicle.

We have concerns about the use of police pursuits by GMP and, in Devonte’s case specifically, we have questions about the use of self-authorisation – the process which allows a single officer to authorise their own pursuit. And there are also questions to be asked about the processes of risk assessment and communications with control. With other families who have lost loved ones, we are campaigning to address these questions and we hope that part of Devonte’s lasting legacy will be to prevent future unnecessary deaths as a result of police pursuit. 

We thank everyone who has supported us, the jury and the Coroner, Mr Chris Morris, for his investigation.”