NPMP and Kids of Colour Statement on the IOPC’s announcement of an independent investigation into PC Anugrah Abraham’s death

Northern Police Monitoring Project and Kids of Colour 

31st March 2023

In line with the wishes of Anugrah Abraham’s family, we welcome the IOPC’s decision to investigate the death of  Anugrah Abraham. 

Though the importance of an independent investigation should have been immediately obvious to all, it is worth recognising that the reversal of the IOPC’s initial decision to hand the investigation to West Yorkshire Police has been hard fought for by a family that is grieving. This should not have had to be the case.

Whilst this is an important first step in the pursuit of justice, we do not take for granted the IOPC’s capacity to realise justice. We are well aware of the distress and disappointment that so many families have experienced when seeking justice through the IOPC. Thus, standing with the family, we are under no illusions about the challenges that lie ahead. 

Nevertheless, we are clear that the IOPC must conduct a thorough and rigorous investigation that places Anu’s family at its centre. 

The display of community support for Anu’s family has been heartening to see. Knowing that it will be necessary, we hope that this support continues and grows as the family pursues justice for Anu. We will continue to fight alongside them.